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Messages for Audrey

Family photo.

Today marks the 89th birthday of Miss Audrey Hepburn. On May 4th 1929 a little lady was brought into this world and no one knew what kind of effect she was going to have. Even now, 89 years after her birth and 25 years after her death, more and more people discover her, love her and admire her for the person she was.

I asked the following question on Instagram: If you could write a short message for Audrey, what would you write?
Here are a few of the comments. In between those comments I will share some photos of Audrey’s childhood.

Audrey with her mother Ella van Heemstra. Family photo.

@rainoftheforest Audrey, I thank you for your willingness to know yourself and speak your truth in an industry of hype and mirage. Walking away from your film career to focus on being a mother and wife, respecting the needs and limits of your sensitive nervous system, sent a loud message that still resonates today. Introverts have a valid voice, but you must lean in close to hear them. Thank you for your kind, humanitarian stance in all things. You gave so much of yourself; you inspire me to be my best self. So many moments captured on film that make my heart sing: the radiant joy of your smile in Roman Holiday, your earnestness for Empathicalism in Funny Face. But perhaps I prefer you a little older, a little bruised by life, in your sweatshirt and jeans on the fire escape, singing Moon River to yourself to keep up your courage for the long road ahead. 💜

Audrey photographed by Manon van Suchtelen. © Audrey Hepburn Estate Collection

@toastythebaker Audrey, your life was never easy, but you still persisted and never failed to bring joy to other people’s lives. Even as you aged you never stopped giving back to others and putting a smile on their faces. Your optimism has inspired me and many others to keep going. Thank you for never giving up on humanity.

Family photos.

@vivienleighxo I would thank Audrey for always being there for me when I feel sad and lonely. I am inspired by her life and the love the gave to others, and hope she knows this somehow 💜

Baby Audrey in 1929. Family photo.

@shadow_courts_ I remember being fascinated by your beauty since I was little. As I grew older and learned more about you, I began to realise how much of a truly remarkable person you were. Not only were you a natural beauty and an amazing actress, but you used what you had to also be a wonderful humanitarian. It’s one of the things that has helped to make me into the person I am today. In a world full of Kardashians, I hope to be an Audrey.

Audrey’s first passport, 1936.

Some lovely messages from amazing people. Thank you for contributing!

Every time again I’m surprised and amazed by how much of an effect Audrey really had. Still has, actually… She brings so much joy into people’s lives and I hope that she knows somehow. Would she be a bit freaked out by all these Instagram accounts, blogs, Youtube videos, etc. dedicated to her? Probably! But she deserves it. Was she perfect? No. Nobody is. Was she a good example of a human being? Abso-freakin’-lutely!

You can read my own letter to Audrey on my personal blog, in case you’re interested. Just click HERE.


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