Dutch History

Audrey And The Dutch Royals

Audrey shaking hands with Princess Beatrix. Photo by Harry Pot

Some of you may know that I’m Dutch and live in the Netherlands. Today, April 27, is King’s Day (or as we Dutchies call it: Koningsdag). King’s Day is the day of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday and the whole country celebrates it. Every year again the King, Queen Maxima and their 3 daughters visit a different city in the country where the city presents itself in the best way possible… Anyway! Enough for today’s class…

I thought it was a nice opportunity to show you some photos of Audrey with the Dutch Royals, ’cause yes… She knew them and they knew her.

From left to right: Princess Irene, Princess Beatrix (Queen from 1980-2013 and mother of our current King), Princess Juliana (Queen from 1948-1980), Mel Ferrer and Audrey.
At the premiere of “The Nun’s Story” in Amsterdam, October 1, 1959. Photos by: Harry Pot

Audrey was half Dutch. Her mother was Dutch baroness Ella van Heemstra and her father baron Aarnoud van Heemstra (Audrey’s grandfather) was the mayor of Arnhem from 1910-1920. Maybe he already had a certain connection with the Royals but that became more obvious when Queen Wilhelmina (Queen from 1890-1948) appointed him governor of Suriname in 1921.

On January 7 1937, Princess Juliana married her husband Prince Bernhard. Another interesting fact is that one of the bridesmaids was Marianne Jacqueline van Heemstra. Audrey’s aunt…
The following photo is one of Audrey with husband Mel Ferrer and Prince Bernhard.

Audrey, Mel Ferrer and Prince Bernhard at the premiere of “El Greco” on September 16, 1966.

The following photo was published in Luca Dotti’s book “Audrey at Home”. Although his name isn’t mentioned, that is Prince Bernhard. Was not able to find any more photos or other information about their relationship. Prince Bernhard didn’t exactly have a great reputation here in the Netherlands (he liked the ladies) so it’s quite interesting.

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